Canadian-made Clothing

As consumers, we are becoming much more aware of the long-term effects of our shopping habits on the communities and the country we live in. And that’s a good thing.

I am a committed made-in-Canada shopper, and I’d like to share my reasons with you.

  1. When we buy Canadian we impact our economy in positive ways: every dollar we spend on Canadian-made clothing and other products has a ripple effect that far exceeds the original purchase.
  2. Buying Canadian means we protect the environment by reducing our carbon footprint. Compare the energy used in transporting clothing made in Asia with clothing made in, say, Montreal.
  3. When we buy Canadian-made clothing we can be confident that its production has met Canada’s health, safety and labour standards

From time to time I’ll be sharing information with you about great Canadian-made clothing and accessories, so stay tuned–

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