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Two bites to better energy!

In the middle of the day, when you think you need a coffee but you know it will leave you in an energy slump before you even get near the dinner hour, have a healthy chocolate instead!  With green tea infusion, taurine, lecithin, inulin and Vitamin B12– this dark chocolate delight will be a gift to your “to do” list and to those who share this part of the day with you.  Yes, it even works on rainy days, when you think “only a nap would do.”

ISA DELIGHT PLUS–foil packed and ready to go.
A truly mood-boosting, energy snack–that’s healthy too!

Two bites--to better energy!

Power up Your Day!

Have you ever thought of doing your morning exercises before even getting out of bed?  Well, according to researchers, that is the very best start to your day–-along with a hot or cold drink of water, preferably with a slice of lemon.

So, the alarm goes off, or your eyes miraculously just open (on time). Next. lie on your back, press your spine to the bed while tilting the pelvic area and bring one arm up from the side while pushing the shoulder blade down your back, return the arm down and do the other side.  Keep your neck soft with your neck curved naturally and YOUR HEAD STILL ON THE PILLOW!  Do the other side, remember to keep your spine tucked in.  The abs will naturally tighten.  You ARE awake NOW!

It only took you 8 minutes to do these exhilarating moves and where did you get those 8 minutes?  From your breakfast preparation time!  For breakfast you are going to get 1/2 cup of ice cubes, 1/2 cup of water and two scoops of the delicious IsaLean shake powder with active enzymes for extra bio-availability (meaning it gets to your body and your brain). Add some extra flavour like coconut extract, a wedge of frozen pineapple, a ¼ cup of frozen banana and–if you’re not in a hurry to cut calories–-even a tablespoon of peanut butter  YES, SHARE IT WITH THE KIDS! Their teacher will love you for their improved powers of concentration! Better double up the recipe tomorrow!

More to come!  like getting up!

Nursing MOMs Take Note!

After nine months that seemed like forever, you have finally met your little companion!  It’s like falling in love all over again, right?

You’re getting used to each other’s personalities and schedules, and guess who always seems to be winning?  Life revolves around the little one now.  If you’re lucky, you are getting a few hours of sleep all in a row and can read a few lines of your favourite book or watch some excerpts of a TV show.  Things that used to seem simple are now amazing accomplishments.  If this isn’t your first baby, then you know it will all settle into place in a few weeks, and even more so in a few months.  If it is your first baby, believe me: you will eventually sleep again and your body will revive!

Nutrition is an important element right now, especially if you are nursing that new “munchkin”.  Your doctor and/or nutritionist is your first line of advice with regard to diet and supplements because you have a personal connection with them.  Of course you want to do all you can to get your energy up and promote healthy development in your baby.

That’s where I come in: not as a doctor, but as a mom who has been there, and now has time to research and communicate.  I have discovered a line of products that are developed entirely without toxic elements.  Let’s face it, even our shampoo and hand lotion have toxins in them.  So, when we can avoid toxins, especially in our diet, who wouldn’t want to?  Isagenix Isa Lean Shakes are delicious ways to get balanced carb, fat andprotein all in one quick meal.  As a nursing mom, you are hungry more often and a shake while you are waiting for your meal gives you amazing nutritional elements that your body and your baby need.  With the active enzymes in the shake, your body can utilize the many benefits in the formulation.  Lean muscle is promoted and your body will return to normal more easily when using the shake in addition to your regular meals.  Even as a snack or a drink while the baby feeds, you can be assured that your body is getting the best!  Ask me for some yummy shake recipes , such as changing the chocolate or vanilla shake to choco raspberry or pina colada (no alcohol, of course).

Isagenix also has great fiber snacks and quick and delicious nutrition bars that you can have for a snack (midnight or otherwise), and even throw one to Dad once in a while to keep him healthy too!

When you’re ready to lose weight and clean out the toxins after weaning then we can go to step. Have a look at what Isagenix products can change in your life.

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