Image Consultations

Eve does in-person consultations individually or in groups in your home, workplace or at speaking engagements.

Eve provides virtual consultations: you can meet with Eve regardless of where you live.

Here’s how it works. Go to the Shopping Cart, and choose the topic: either Image Consulting or Health & Performance. Then follow the steps to purchase the program and provide the information Eve needs. You’ll be asked to fill out a detailed questionnaire and provide photos of yourself.

Then Eve will contact you by email to set up a half-hour telephone or Skype consultation.


During your consultation Eve will provide advice and recommendations based on your goals, lifestyle and the information you’ve provided. Ask all the questions you wish: Eve is great at explaining her ideas and advice.

Although Eve prefers to connect with you by phone or Skype, she will consult with you by email if that’s what you prefer.


After the consultation Eve will email you a summary of her recommendations and advice, and any additional items that came up in your conversation with her. This will include specific information about items you may wish to add to your wardrobe.

You are welcome to contact Eve by email for any additional questions you may have about the summary she sends you.

Image Consulting

Develop a wardrobe for

  • A new phase of your life: retirement? New parent? Re-entering the workforce? Your first career wardrobe after graduation? A new dating wardrobe?
  • A new you: if your size has changed, your wardrobe needs to change as well
  • A special event: wedding? Special anniversary? Vacation?

Ongoing Consultation

Eve welcomes the opportunity to continue to work with you as you develop your wardrobe or want help with selections for special events.

Eve’s fee for ongoing work with you, after your initial consultation, is $100/hour, billed by the half-hour. You can book additional time with Eve here

These instructions are not to diagnose, treat or cure any illness. You are reminded that your doctor is your primary care giver and acceptance of responsibility for your care is neither expressed nor implied. All recommendations are subject to your personal acceptance. Eve is here to guide you with her personal knowledge and research as a nutrition and image coach and teacher.


Style Manual

Your personal purse-size “dress- right-for -your- type” booklet.

  1. Define your shape and features first. Highlight the perfect selections.
  2. Then go shopping with confidence! (or lend it to your favourite “gift-giver”)


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