Image Consulting

Your best style choices
Your best look, in every outfit

With Eve’s expert advice you can be confident in your fashion choices and look great in every outfit!

Eve will help you develop an organized, flattering collection of clothing and accessories that will work with your body, colouring and lifestyle. No more mistakes in your closet—you’ll save time and money by shopping wisely and well, and making confident fashion choices.

Eve’s system teaches you how to assess your frame, size, height, challenges and lifestyle. Then she’ll coach you on how to choose the most flattering colours, fabrics and accessories—even hairstyles and cosmetics.

With this knowledge you can shop with confidence for items specifically suited to your body, colouring and style. Spending money on quality clothing and accessories that you’ll wear again and again is a good investment, and just good sense. Eve is a keen supporter of Canadian-made clothing and ethical production practices.


A Confident Image

Eve can help you re-define your image. Changes in lifestyle often require wardrobe changes: if you’ve recently retired, returned to the workforce as a working parent, or have new professional responsibilities you may want to re-think and re-vision the image you present to the world. Eve can help with your wardrobe, and your confidence in your role.

Individual Consultation

Eve works with women and men to make the most of their assets, and increase their confidence. She will work with you in person or online.

Need more information? Visit the Individual Consultation page

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