Match Your Wardrobe to Your Body Type

Wardrobe capsules created for YOU!


Do you have an outfit in your closet that you wear again and again because it makes you look and feel great? And another outfit that looks good on the hanger, but somehow just doesn’t work for you? Time to review your wardrobe!

Want to understand why?

Ask Eve.  Begin with a figure analysis.  Examine your personal color pallets.  Select your figure highlights. All comfortably done through on-line webinars. Premium packages include zoom  interviews to meet your individual wardrobe needs.

Eve will analyze your body frame,  unique features and coloring, and teach you how to use line and silhouette, color, fabric and accessories to look great in every outfit. When you understand the principles she teaches, you’ll never again waste money or closet space on clothes that are not right for you.

And you’ll have fun—you’ll be delighted with Eve’s warmth and humor, and her ability to help you look and feel great. A new wardrobe is just the beginning! Dress to power up your success!

Contact Eve to select your webinar package, personal consultation or to book a  speaking engagement.

Eve says: Building a foundation of knowledge gives people hope and joy.

This is what happened with our literacy program in england a decade ago initially, we were insistent that teachers learn and immerse themselves in evidence-based pedagogy because we knew it would work

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